Logging deadlocks in sql server

Logging deadlocks in sql server

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In this video we will discuss how to write the deadlock information to the SQL Server error log

When deadlocks occur, SQL Server chooses one of the transactions as the deadlock victim and rolls it back. There are several ways in SQL Server to track down the queries that are causing deadlocks. One of the options is to use SQL Server trace flag 1222 to write the deadlock information to the SQL Server error log.

Enable Trace flag : To enable trace flags use DBCC command. -1 parameter indicates that the trace flag must be set at the global level. If you omit -1 parameter the trace flag will be set only at the session level.

DBCC Traceon(1222, -1)

To check the status of the trace flag
DBCC TraceStatus(1222, -1)

To turn off the trace flag
DBCC Traceoff(1222, -1)

To read the error log
execute sp_readerrorlog

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